Bariatric Surgery in Ahmedabad, Bariatric Surgery in GujaratBariatric surgery not magic but good intervention against obesity.

A surgeon favours the treatment of obesity on adolescents through bariatric surgery while saying that lifestyle and diet modifications are a big help.

Obesity is the condition whereby a person has gained excess fat leading to debilitating health. It is known through the body mass index (BMI) derived from his weight in kilogrammes and meter square, and his height in metre squared.

A bariatric medical team with the surgeon as the lead consists of a clinical dietician, psychologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and radiologist.

Bariatric surgery is not magic. It is not the solution. If you lose weight normally, we could defeat obesity. But if we could not lose weight with all the effort, surgery is the intervention especially with the proper procedure

Surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy makes it uncomfortable to overeat by removing about 75-85% of the stomach. However, the operation also seems to greatly reduce the body’s production of ghrelin. Thus, patients are discouraged from eating too much food, while they are also being granted a reprieve from the constant nagging feelings of hunger that drive them to overeat in the first place. Even patients need to adjust to the idea that, from now on, food is going to play a much smaller role in their life. Given the centrality of food in so much of our family and social lives, this can be a great deal more difficult than it might sound, says the clinic. Still, it is very doable and patients are consistently able to make the transition.