Dr Digviajay Singh Bedi

dr digviajay singh bedi

Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi

Best Bariatric Surgeon Ahmedabad

Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi, a leading Bariatric Surgeon in Ahmedabad with over 1600 Bariatric Surgeries, is heading the Hope Obesity Centre. With over 12 years of experience in handling Weight Loss Surgeries, Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi is considered one of the most trusted Obesity Consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The year was 2009. After a decade of experience as a general surgeon and his expertise in laparoscopy, Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi (Obesity doctor in Ahmedabad)took a plunge and entered into Bariatrics.

Dr. Digvijay Singh bedi decided to switchover when he saw a close relative suffer from obesity. What followed was his first bariatric surgery together with another well-known surgeon on the same kin. At that time, people hardly knew about bariatric surgery. In fact, obesity was synonymous with being fat and people did not realize its dire consequences. Also, Ahmedabad had just one bariatric surgeon. But Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi was determined to take the risk in order to improve the lifestyle; rather give a new lease of life to the ones suffering from obesity.

Achievements of Dr Digvijay Singh Bedi

Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi, a leading bariatric surgeon from Ahmedabad has achieved numerous feets in his career so far, mainly Age of Patient & Success Rate.

Patient Age

Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi, slowly and steadily, became a renowned name in the field of Bariatrics. Today, he has the distinction of conducting around 1600 bariatric surgeries. His youngest patient being a 13 year old teen and the eldest a 72 years old woman.

Success Rate

The Success of the surgery depends upon various factors. Few of them are accuracy of surgery, proper diet pattern after surgery, post surgery follow ups and others. Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi has among the Highest Success Rates. Consult @ Hope Obesity Centre.
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