Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass
Hope Obesity Centre is a leading and most advanced hospital for Mini Gastric Bypass in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mini Gastric Bypass is a Laproscopic Surgery (Keyhole Surgery) and a prominent procedure for Bariatric Surgery. Mini gastric bypass is one type of Bariatric Surgery done for patients who are obese and have been unsuccessful in losing weight by dieting, exercise, and medication.

The mini gastric bypass can be used as a primary weight loss procedure. It can also be used in patients who have had previous gastric banding or sleeve surgery but have been unsuccessful with weight loss, or who have had band-related complications and have decided on revision surgery.

Mini gastric bypass is the latest and modified form of gastric bypass.

Mini Gastric Bypass in Ahmedabad

Surgical Procedure

Staplers are used to make a loose and long gastric pouch which is then attached to counted small intestine thereby bypassing a portion of the intestine that absorbs fat and also causes quick and effective secretion of insulin.


It is a very safe & effective weight loss procedure
Reduced operating time.
Relatively simpler procedure.
Reduced risk of complication
Best control of cardiometabolic issue & diabetes
Best weight loss surgery
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