Metabolic Surgery

Metobolic Surgery
At Hope Obesity Centre, we specialize in offering world-class healthcare solutions in obesity management. Metabolic surgery –bariatric surgery is a type of weight reduction surgery. With this surgery, we help obese patients to lose weight. This surgery is recommended if other weight loss methods don’t work and obesity poses a greater risk to the patient’s health.

This surgery works by modifying the digestive system, stomach, and small intestine. It helps in controlling calorie intake. This surgery helps to decrease the hunger pangs as well. It also helps to cure and prevent other obesity-related diseases like Diabetes. This surgery is recommended for patients for whom losing weight through exercise and diet is not possible. It is for patients with a BMI of 40 and above, or a BMI of 35 and other obesity-related complications. Our dedicated team of bariatric and metabolic specialists is committed to transforming lives through the best metabolic surgery in Ahmedabad.

Metabolic Surgery in Ahmedabad

Post Surgery Care

After the metabolic surgery in Ahmedabad, our commitment and services for the patient's well-being do not end in the operating room. We offer comprehensive post-surgery care with regular testing and follow-ups. We screen the patients for any nutritional deficiencies and monitor their health. We offer dietary support, personalized guidance, and consultations to ensure a smooth recovery. Our team of expert surgeons helps patients to reach their weight-loss targets. After a year, if the patient has lost weight and is in good health, they may consider body shaping to remove excess skin folds.


Choosing the best metabolic surgeon is essential for a successful surgery. We offer personalized attention, top-notch medical care, and a healthier future. The advantages of this surgery are as below
It is one of the best treatments for severely obese people. It helps in significant weight loss.
It enhances metabolism and reduces hunger hormones.
It also helps in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
It reduces the risks of diseases related to obesity.
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